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Thursday, January 7, 2010

This one has been copied word for word from the daily "New to the 20s Board, Start Here" thread:

We hope you find the support and encouragement you need here during your Weight loss journey!This thread's purpose is to give you a good idea of the board, hopefully answer some questions you may have and make you feel a little less intimidated.

*Please thoroughly read your plan materials prior to asking a plan related question. Plan Information like point values can not be given out via the message boards, it is privileged information for paying members.

*There are several topics that are posted regularly, try searching in the search bar for a topic before posting to alleviate repeat threads.

*The online point tracker is now set up that you must use your Weekly Point Allowance prior to any earned Activity Points.

*You can not earn APs by havING sex, please eat all your daily points and posts about Alli will start a riot here, also if your period is late, please POAS.

*Couch to 5k(C25K) is a beginning running program. If you google it you will be able to find the program and a website dedicated to it.

*The 30 Day Shred is an at-home work out video by Jillian Michaels, Biggest Loser trainer. There are several threads a day regarding this program, please before asking a question about search through the day's posts. You can purchase it from Amazon, Target or anywhere else really. It is also on youtube.com and most cable subscriptions provide it free on FitTv On Demand.

You can find useful information about Weight Watchers Community here: http://www.weightwatchers.com/util/art/index_art.aspx?tabnum=6&art_id=3961&sc=68

Message Board 101 here: http://www.weightwatchers.com/util/art/index_art.aspx?tabnum=6&art_id=272&sc=68

Here are some of the abbreviations we use here that are not listed in MB 101:
ASAP=As soon as possible
ATM= At The Moment
AW= Attention wh*re
BAER= Big @ss eye roll
BIL= Brother in Law
BTW=By the way
DD= Dearest Daughter, Darling Daughter, etc
DF=Dear Friend, Dear Father
DH=Dear Husband, Dumb Husband, etc.
DS=Dear Son
F2F=Face to face
FF= Fat free, or on Fridays it is Freaky Friday
FAQ=Frequently asked question
FIL=Father in Law
FP= Off Program
FWIW=For what it's worth
FYI = For Your Information
GYFO= Get your freak on
IM=Instant message
IMCO=In my considered opinion
IMHO=In my humble opinion
IOW=In Other Words
IRL=In real life
ISO=In search of
JK= Just Kidding
LOL=Laugh out loud
MIL= Mother in Law
NSM=Non-Scale Miracle (non-scale victory involving resisting highly tempting foods)
NSV=Non Scale Victory
OIC=Oh, I see!
OMG= oh my god
OP= On Program
OP=On plan
OT=Off topic
OTOH =On the other hand
PITA= Pain In the A ss
POAS= Pee on a Stick, pregnancy test
POP = perfectly on program (stayed within points, got APs, drank all your water, got in dairy, F&V, etc.)
POV=Point of View
ROFL=Rolling on the floor laughing
ROFLMAO= Rolling on the Floor Laughing My A ss Off
SIL= Sister in Law
SO= Significant Other
SV=Scale Victory
TG= Thank Goodness
TGIF= Thank Goodness It's Friday!
TIA= Thanks in Advance
TMI= Too Much Information
TOM=Time Of the Month
TTYL=Talk to you later.
WB= Welcome Back
WI= Weigh In
WO= Work Out
WW= Weight Watchers
WYSIWYG=What you see is what you get.
YMMV=Your Mileage May Vary

Please introduce yourself, we'd love to get to know you!

FRIDAY WARNING: Friday's around these parts tend to get a little Freakyyy, If you see a post that has "FF" on Friday, it has something to do with sex. If you are sensitive about subjects of that genre, please do not open. You are thus warned

***>>SO YOU WANT TO DISCUSS BIGGEST LOSER? Please, please before posting a thread regarding ANY television show, or movie please include "Spoiler" in the thread's title.


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