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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Try focusing on eating mainly (if not all) filling foods. They are unbelievably good for you, they keep you fuller longer.

How can you tell if what you're eating is a filling food?
Chances are, you bought it on the perimeter of your grocery store.
Filling foods have no added sugars
They are made with whole grains
If it is a dairy product, it is fat free
If its a meat, it is a lean cut of meat.

Cold cuts and hot dogs are not filling foods as they are processed meats.

Looking for canned filling foods? Make sure they're packed in water, not juice or syrup. Canned fish packed in water, broth or tomato juice are considered filling foods.

Don't think you could "give up" pasta? get a whole wheat or a quinoa based pasta (mac and cheese made with quinoa macaroni is my favourite!)

Don't like brown rice? Try quinoa instead of white rice.

I have a printed list of the filling foods (you can find the pdf here) on my fridge. It has helped immensely in my quest for eating a cleaner, more filling diet.


Jennifer@womanvfood said...

*I *think* dairy has to be non-fat, low-fat is excluded. :) :) :)

kellycrochets said...

d'oh! You can tell I drink a lot of real milk, eh? I thought lf and ff was included. I will change the post and investigate further. Thank you for pointing this out!

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