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Thursday, January 7, 2010

EORTIZBLANCO posted this fantastic thread today, here is a selection of answers:

EORTIZBLANCO: When I 1st started, I was freaking out because I had a bad day staying OP. someone told me: "You didn't get to your starting weight overnight... you certainly aren't going to gain all that you've lost back with WW overnight either. Allow yourself to mess up every once in a while".

It made me realize I was setting myself up for failure and trying too hard to be perfect. Now, I just go with it. And, it works!

Sometimes you have to eat more to lose more

"Read your materials"

"Read the 'New to the 20's board' thread"

"Track it and move on."

MCCARTHYMF: i don't know if i received it personally or not, but just suck it up and do it.

i think people tend to become too committed or too dedicated and if one little thing goes wrong, they get thrown off.

or they can't understand why they aren't losing weight but they're "sort of" tracking or "sort of" measuring, etc.

i think there needs to be a happy medium where you just get over your insecurities or worries or whatever baggage and just follow the plan already. and that doesn't mean being "perfect"

"You either do it or you don't...but if you don't stop complaining about the plan not working because you're not working."

VECI914: Just because you didn't track it, doesn't mean you didn't eat it!

If you're not hungry for an apple, then you just aren't hungry! :)

ALLIEDM: "reward yourself for your accomplishments...even the small ones"
"don't look at it like a diet...look at it as a permanent lifestyle change"
if you "cheat" (not entering an accurate weight for your WI, not tracking everything correctly, overestimating APs, etc) you're only cheating YOURSELF in the end.

MANDYO1231: Life goes on.

HOLLYSAGS: Measure and track everything.

LOVEVERITAS: This has kind of been mentioned, but the best advice I received is that it is ok to sometimes mess-up, as long as you pick yourself up and get back on the wagon. Being able to forgive myself for bad days and continue has been the hardest and biggest adjustment I've had to make while on this journey.

And just because you have a bad day or bad week, it doesn't negate all the weight you've lost previously or the strides you've made.

SHELBYSI: don't let one bad day turn into a bad week or a bad month... every day is new day.

MEGANCRESWELL: Also if you have a true craving for something, feed the craving so you don't go into a binge..

If you do binge, it's completely normal! Track it and move about your day!

KSMCKEEVER: if you don't work the plan it doesn't work, when you do work the plan (staying within points, activity, GHG, ect) it works

CRICKETRIA1009: "Everyone's going to make a lot of mistakes, it doesn't matter, what matter's is moving forward and learning to be better from those mistakes"
Also "track it and move on"
So simple but sometimes you just need someone to tell you.

SHUCRAZY87: That a slip up is just a slip up, and doesn't have to ruin your week, or even your day. if you mess up at lunch, there's no reason to say "Well, now my day is ruined!" Get back OP with the next bite that goes in your mouth. The diet mentality of "I'll start tomorrow morning" is going to kill any chances of success. Start RIGHT NOW.

TEPTSEMBER: Besides "Get a HRM":

"While it's great to have your ultimate goal in mind, imagine yourself at every weight in between for the next few months." REBE413

courtesy Kewannah

KIEKS524:It's hard to put into words because I feel like I've learned so much from all of you. I agree with PPs--the biggest thing I've taken away is being honest. If I ate something, track it and move on. But be sure to track it. And don't think that because you had one slip up, that you should just give up.

This is my favorite quote, borrowed from someone's profile: Most successful people begin with two beliefs: the future can be better than the present, and I have the power to make it so.

KMAYERSCHOFF: Birthday cake happens

Track it and move on

A food scale is one of the best tools

LINDSAY2193: i saw this on a board somewhere, its not original but:
if you sorta do the program, you sorta get results. If you really do the program, you really get results

BETHAKLEIN: it's not about perfection, it's about persistence.

if you mess up, learn from it, and move on. don't wait to get back on track until tomorrow, or Monday, or after your weigh in, start NOW.

LAURENB227: Eat more.

MERMAID1082: Don't set time-based goals, just be OP.

Don't always look at the big picture - break your WL into small goals. Think of losing 5 pounds 10 times (depending on the weight you want to lose)

Also - NOTHING, and I repeat NOTHING, tastes as good as skinny feels.

anssett: It takes a long time for your brain to catch up to the weight loss. Even though you've hit a new milestone or goal, you may not be able to see yourself as smaller. It's normal. Be patient and keep being open minded.

* Set mini goals
* Get a HRM
* Take your measurements
* Life happens, take it one day/meal at a time.

If you have anything to add, please do!


Anonymous said...

At a meeting my leader told us to write all of the reasons why i wanted to lose weight i have a bunch, so i made copies left one at my office, one is in my room, and one is on my refrigerater!!! It helps

kellycrochets said...

Thank you! That is a great tip!

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