Breakfast Cookie

Monday, April 26, 2010

Cookie for breakfast! Check out the Fitness Sista' for the recipe:

These "cookies" are delicious and keep me full up to 5 hours.

a few common questions:
Q Where can I buy protein powder?
A While Whole Foods seems to be a popular choice for getting it, you can find it at Trader Joes, any health food store, Walmart, GNC, Sam's Club, Costco, etc.

Q What if I don't have protein powder? Can I still make this cookie?
A Absolutely! Use 1/2 - 1 TBL of cocoa powder, soy milk powder, milk powder, ground flax, the possibilities are endless.

Q What do you like to add to it?
A the answer to this is going to vary from person to person. a few tried and true combos are:
raw almond butter, cocoa powder, chocolate chips, and dried cherries
peanut butter and strawberries
peanut butter, banana, and raisins
banana and cinnamon
chocolate and ginger

Let us know what you've used and how it tasted!


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