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Saturday, February 27, 2010


Points driving you crazy? You say you want to start eating cleaner? Need a no-fuss, relatively stress-free menu? Have you tried the Simply Filling Technique?

Let's be frank: Counting points isn't for everyone. There's no doubt it's effective in weight loss, but another approach is effective as well. The Simply Filling Technique (SFT) combines the beauty of filling foods, body awareness and a little bit of points into a splendid plan that is manageable and maintainable.

Where and How do you start? The best place to get a jump start is reviewing how to follow SFT and then taking a peep at the filling foods list.  You're going to want to get really familiar with the second link, because those are the foods that, if you so choose, will be eating for the majority of the day. 

The gist: You no longer have daily points, only weekly points.  You don't count points for filling foods, you count points for foods that are not filling foods.  You eat the filling foods until satisfied, this may or may not be in accordance with its portion. 

The minutia: Although not a filling food your daily healthy oils do not count toward your weekly point allowance. Although filling foods whole grains, like brown rice, are limited to only one serving a day  any additional servings charge your weekly points. 

A few tips: aim to never feel hungry or stuffed, check in on yourself every hour to see how you feel. revolve your meals around filling foods. if it isn't a filling food, don't put it in your grocery cart. Become really tight with vegetables. Research and try new foods a recipes, after all variety is the spice of life.  PLAN!

A Sample Menu might look like this:
Breakfast: Coffee with skim milk, eggs scrambled with bell peppers cooked without oil and strawberries
Lunch: Tomato and cucumber salad tossed in balsamic vinegar, grilled chicken breast and brown rice
Snack: Apple slices
Dinner: Black bean and flank steak tacos with corn, lettuce, and tomatoes. 

Sample Menus can be found daily on the 20s Board Simply Filling Thread that is posted each morning.

Frequently Asked Questions
1. Where can I read more about Simply Filling?
-Other than online material, the SFT is covered in week six of your plan materials

2.  A Weight Watcher recipe says "works with the Simply Filling Technique" does that mean I can eat it without counting the points?
-It should mean that, but it's not always the case.  Go over the list of the ingredients, if something isn't a filling food it should be counted toward your weekly points.

3.  Do you track on Simply Filling? Or just eat filling foods until full?
-Tracking and counting points are different.  Tracking is important regardless of what plan you follow, and studies show that people who track their foods are more likely to be successful. So no counting points ALL THE TIME, but that doesn't mean you're off the hook for tracking.  Whether you actually track is up to you.

4. Do the GHGs exist on SFT?
-Yes, following the Good Healthy Guidelines is absolutely essential to success and having a well balanced diet.  SFT doesn't mean you eat carrots all day, every day.

5. What happens to my earned activity points?
-Just like point counting, you earn activity points and can "spend" them however you please.

6. How do I eat at a restaurant?
-Eating out can be tricky, but if you're assertive and well researched it should be no trouble at all.  Ask questions regarding how things are prepared, and before you go check out the menu.  Identify menu choices that appear to revolve around filling foods, and look for key words like "grilled" "baked" and avoid "fried" "battered" etc. 

SFT may take a few days, even weeks to get fully adjusted to but once you do: you may never look back!


Boiling It Down said...

I love that you point out that Simply Filling involves a bit of "body awareness." That's a piece I've been missing in the equation, and what concerns me in the long run.

I want to learn how to eat healthy and know what it "feels" like to be satisfied and adequately fueled for my day, and I think focusing on simply filling is a great step in that direction.

Thanks for laying it out so clear.

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