Diet Soda Cake

Friday, February 26, 2010

Here is a list of tasty soda + cake mix combos.

This recipe is very simple. Cake mix plus diet soda. Bake according to directions. Generally one makes dark cake mixes with dark soda and light cake mixes with light soda. Good luck, have fun!

- spice cake mix w/ diet orange 
- Banana cake mix w/ diet root beer
- lemon cake mix w/ diet 7-up
- Chocolate cake w/ Diet coke
- Lemon cake w/ Diet ginger ale
- orange cake w/diet Mountain Dew
- cherry chip cake w/ A& W diet Cream
- Lemon cake w/ Diet Lemon lime
- angel w/ Diet Orange
- White w/ Diet Orange
- yellow cake w/ Diet orange
- white cake w/ Diet Peach
- spice cake w/ diet lemon-lime
- White w/ diet ginger ale
- chocolate cake w/ Diet cherry coke
- devils food w/ diet vanilla coke
- chocolate cake w/ rootbeer
- marble cake w/ diet cream soda
- lemon with tangerine diet rite
- white cake mix w/ diet sprite
- Red Velvet w/ Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper
- Banana cake w/ diet root beer
- Pineapple cake w/ diet Squirt 


Lindsey said...

Great list! I love the diet coke cakes. Another one I found to be really good was white cake w/diet cherry 7up.

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